Yasmin Donlon - Cat Writer

Welcome to Cat Writer

My name is Yasmin Donlon and I write poetry and stories that express my love for Cats.

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Poems and Literature

On of the services I offer is writing poems for clients cats. For this I charge between £15-£20 depending on the nature of the poem. Longer work can also be written for £120 (incl. p&p). I have included various articles of my literature on this site such as poems about my cats; 'Aimee' and 'Charlie Green Eyes'. Other literature includes a written piece entitled 'Smart Cat'.

I am in the process of having my book published. See what you think of 'All Cats - Tail Trails' by reading the first 3 chapters of my book. If you find such reading interesting why not buy my book which is on pre-publish sale for £15.00.


I also paint cats. Most of my paintings are exhibited on this site. If you would like your cat painting why not contact me and we can arrange this.