Yasmin Donlon - Cat Writer

3 Cornish Rexes

Jasmine is a Cornish Rex without any fur
She’s like a Sphynx; like a piglet without the purr.
She’s a Sexy Rexy, who went to be seen to,
A week with Dirty Bertie and she was in kit ton;
Nine she bred, only two survived
Agrisollo and Afro so glad to be alive
Agrisollo is a red point with a long red tail
She holds it upright as if it’s her sail.
We call her Whitey, as she is mainly white
While Afro we call Big Boy, as he’s taller in height.
Afro is a blue point and has all the Rex genes.
Both of them are young, playful and full of beans.
We take both of them to cat shows to see how they compete;
Agrisollo needs more curls and Afro can’t be beat.
You should see the 3 Rexes when they eat with a crocodile bite
They shovel it in open mouths; food out of sight.
They are all three hot cats; little radiators
Three curled up together three lovely creatures!