Yasmin Donlon - Cat Writer

A Week of Cats

Monday is start to work day;
Whitey a Cornish Rex who loves warm May.
Tuesday is Afro an other Cornish Rex
Who is too young to know about sex.
Wednesday is Jasmine their mother who sleeps with her kits;
For they like to suckle her milk free tits.
Thursday is Spikey a large Maine Coon
Who will leap on your lap very soon.
Friday is Tangye a Stumpy Manx ginger male,
A clever cat that feeds his six cats without fail.
He knocks the biscuit box out of the cupboard
To be eaten by his mates in one accord!
Saturday is the day of proper Manx Bling Bling
He’s pretty and compact a real cute thing.
Sunday, the day of rest, is Burmese Aimee.
She sleeps 22/7 so see a sleepy flea.
We have to have seven cats you see
One for each day of the week; no day cat free!